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  • Bell chimes invented
  • King Charles I of Great Britain executed by Parliament
  • Capt Cook reaches 71 10' S 1820 km from S pole (record)
  • Yerba Buena renamed SF
  • 1st election in Washington Territory; 1 682 votes cast
  • US Navy's 1st ironclad warship "Monitor" launched
  • John Herschel uses camera obscura to photograph 48-inch telescope
  • US flag fired on in Rio; prompt satisfaction exacted by Adm Benham
  • 1st jazz record in US cut
  • World Law Day
  • Adolf Hitler named German Chancellor
  • Mahatma Gandhi assassinated in New Delhi
  • 1st 2-way moving sidewalk in service Dallas Texas
  • US/Canada ISIS 1 launched to study ionosphere

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