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  • Galileo invents telescope
  • Edmund Halley receives MA from Queen's College Oxford
  • Illinois becomes 21st state
  • Andrew Jackson elected pres
  • Oberlin College in Oh 1st truly coeducational college opens
  • Paid Fire Dept takes over from volunteer companies
  • Joe Lilliard QBed Chic Cardinals; last NFL black until 1946
  • Tennessee Williams play `A Streetcar Named Desire ' opens
  • Pumpkin Papers came to light
  • Cleve Browns last NFL team with no pass game (beat Phila 13-7)
  • 1st TV broadcast in Hawaii
  • Joseph McCarthy condemned by Senate
  • Police arrests 800 at U of Cal at Berkeley
  • 1st human heart transplant performed (Capetown South Africa)
  • 20th Century Ltd famed NY-Chic luxury train final run
  • Pioneer 10 passes Jupiter (1st fly-by of an outer planet)
  • 11 die at Riverfront Coliseum Cin at a Who concert
  • NY Federal jury finds Reps Thompson D-NJ & Murphy D-NY guilty
  • 2000 die in Union Carbide subsidiary in Bhopal India
  • 23rd Shuttle Mission - Atlantis 2 returns to Earth

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