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  • Benjamin Franklin becomes 1st Postmaster General.
  • NY becomes 11th state to ratify constitution.
  • Sydney Australia settled by British colonists.
  • 1st sugar cane plantation started in Hawaii
  • Liberia declares independence from American Colonization Society
  • 1st Esperanto book published.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation established
  • Yanks score 11 runs in 12th beating Tigers 12-1
  • Yankee catcher Bill Dickey hits 3 consecutive HRa
  • Churchill resigns as Britain's prime minister
  • Department of Defense established
  • 1st black host of a network show - CBS' Bob Howard Show
  • Argentina's 1st lady Eva Peron dies in Buenos Aires at 33
  • Mickey Mantle hits his 1st grand slammer
  • Fidel Castro began revolution against Batista
  • Korean War Armistice
  • Egypt seizes Suez Canal
  • Mickey Mantle hits career HR # 200
  • USSR launchs 1st intercontinental multi-stage ballistic missle.
  • US Syncom 2 1st synchronous communications satellite launched
  • US launches Sycom 2 the 1st geosynchronous satellite
  • Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa convicted of fraud & conspiracy
  • Republic of Maldives gains independence from Britain (Nat'l Day).
  • Twins beat Yankees 3-2 in 18
  • Apollo 15 launched to the moon.
  • US launches Apollo 15 to the Moon
  • USSR's Soyuz failed to dock with Salyut 3.
  • Soyuz 18B returns to Earth
  • Canada's Anik D1 comsat launched by US delta rocket.
  • Soyuz T-12? is launched with a female cosmonaut

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