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  • Robinson Crusoe leaves his island after 28 years (as per Defoe)
  • Benjamin Frankin begins publication of "Poor Richard's Almanack"
  • Vitus Bering Dutch navigator & explorer died
  • Thomas Paine publishes his 1st `American Crisis' essay
  • Washington settles his troops at Valley Forge Pa for the winter
  • US recognized independence of Hawaii
  • Charles Dickens publishes `A Christmas Carol ' in England
  • Grading started for Market Street RR
  • Battle of Black Water
  • Bishop Museum founded in Hawaii
  • 239 workers died in a coal mine explosion in Jacobs Creek Penn
  • British Broadcasting Corp. began transmitting overseas
  • Electric Home & Farm Authority Inc authorized
  • War broke out in Indochina as Ho Chi Minh attacked French
  • Gen. Eisenhower named NATO commander
  • The Music Man starring Robert Preston opens on Broadway
  • Street signs in Golden Gate Park approved by Park Commission
  • NASA launches Intelsat 4 F-3 for COMSAT Corp
  • Apollo 17 returns to Earth
  • Nelson A. Rockefeller was sworn in as the 41st VP
  • Nellie Tayloe Ross 1st woman governor dies at 101
  • Fire at the Wilberg Mine in central Utah killed 27 people
  • USSR frees dissident Andrei Sakharov from internal exile

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